Mini-golf in Maine is big business in the warmer months but sometimes it feels like there just aren't enough courses. Perhaps there are enough courses, just not enough courses with a really cool theme. Well, one miniature golf course being built in Arundel wants to change that with an 18-hole that will feature animatronic dinosaurs throughout.

It'll be called Raptor Falls, and the owners of the new course have been sharing their progress on Facebook. They're going full Jurassic Park with their idea and plan to feature several well-known dinosaur species throughout their mini-golf course. That includes a brachiosaurus, Triceratops (and her babies) and of course, a 35-foot-long Tyrannosaurus Rex!

So what does animatronic mean exactly? Well almost all of the dinosaurs featured throughout the course will breathe, some will roar, and they will all move their heads and feel alive to people playing. You may end up being too distracted to get a hole-in-one!

Their construction schedule has the course opening sometime in July. It'll be located at 1912 Portland Road right off of Route 1 in Arundel. Beyond its one-of-a-kind theme in Maine, Raptor Falls will also serve Shain's Of Maine ice cream and may have a few other surprises in store for their opening.

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