What a beautiful night it was aboard the M/V Thomas Laighton with The Shark's Rockin' On The River Cruise. Don't be sad that you missed out, just check out some sweet pics right here!

Tracie Kirby

Thanks to The Shark's Unofficial Photographer for the evening, Tracie Kirby. This was the second cruise in a row in which there was a gorgeous orange sunset that slowly turned to red.

Photo Credit Tracie Kirby

Whenever I take pictures such as these, the sherbet like quality of the sky takes on an angry smog-like hue. It's so great to finally have photos that properly represent how beautiful the sunsets along the Piscataqua can be.

Tracie Kirby Photo Credit

Ladies and Gentleman, Old Glory, The Sarah Mildred Long Bridge and the sun! What an impressive trio!

Tracie Kirby Photo Credit

After the sun finally set and the air got cooler as we went ocean bound, the band Wellfleet were really laying down the grooves and the time to dance was upon us!

Tracie Kirby Photo Credit

There are many support beams aboard 'The Laighton' that provide the passengers both balance and a mooring once we sail atop the mighty sea.

And it's also kind of fun and comical to twirl around in a parody of exotic dance.

Tracie Kirby Photo Credit

As you can see here, my concern that all passengers are maintaining their balance is of the utmost importance.

This photo above, by the way, is not night vision. The M/V Thomas Laighton is now equipped with an amazing lighting system that illuminates the entire dance floor with every color in the rainbow.

Tracie Kirby - Photo Credit

I'm not sure which version of myself I like better, the orange or the green?

Our final Rockin' On The River Cruise for 2021 is scheduled for Tuesday August 24th. Make sure to listen to The Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train to get your tickets!

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