If you want to visit Fenway this weekend, they are looking for volunteers.

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If this event had been scheduled last year at Fenway, it would've been the most exciting thing to take place in the ballpark.

Let's be clear, officials want you to know there are no threats or any security concerns. The simulated "large-scale terrorist attack" staged at Fenway Park this Sunday is just a drill .

And you can help. Boston police are looking for more than 100 volunteers to play the part of fans.

Not so long ago, this might be the only way you could've gotten into the ballpark, but those days are gone.

Here is what will take place; Sunday, the Boston Police Department, in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security, the US Army Armament Research, Development, and Engineering Center and Fenway Park will practice and prepare for an active shooter situation.

The exercise, which will run from 7 a.m. until 1 p.m. Sunday, will include inaudible, simulated explosions and multiple rounds of realistic-sounding, simulated gunshots.

During the drill various security technologies will be tested, including working dogs, metal detection and unmanned aerial systems.