A few days ago, I got the sad news that our family friend, Tom Bolton had passed away.  Tom was married to my sister's best friend, Dee Dee.  Tom and Dee came to many, many family get-togethers and they were absolutely part of our family.  My Mother, Ella, particularly liked a man in uniform, so she adored Tom.  He was very tall and he would walk into my Mom's house in his full uniform on and just have the warmest smile to greet everyone.  We all loved him and he will be missed.

My sister told the family that calling hours would be at the Marriott in Nashua on Thursday from 4 - 8pm.  Ok, cool.  I'll be there.

When I walked in, I saw two lines.  One was for the mourners to speak to Dee and her kids and the other line was for the bar.  This was a PARTY!

I'll be honest, I WANTED to get into the line for the bar, (Tom knew me well and would have encouraged me to do so) but, I did the respectful thing and got into the line to greet Dee and her kids.  While I was waiting, there was waitstaff coming around with hors d'oeuvres!  What?!  A bar and delicious food?  When I got closer to the main room, I heard LIVE MUSIC too!  This was unbelievable!

Not only was this the best "wake" I ever went to, but the place was also filled with Police Officers in and out of uniform.  Someone joked it would have been a good time to commit a crime in Nashua because the cops were all at Tom's wake.

After I went through the line, I got a glass of red wine and sat with my family.  We laughed and remembered Tom the way he would have wanted us to.  Laughing and having a good time.

Thank you for your service, Tom.  Even after your death, you have made everyone feel safe and happy.

Rest in Peace:  Thomas A. Bolton, October 5, 1937 - September 25, 2021

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