So last night my daughter went out trick or treating for the very first time and she didn't bring me home enough candy.  She doesn't eat candy at her age, so I was planning on eating it all, and I think she knew that.  She wasn't very interested in grabbing as many sweets as she could, she just wanted to hop around in her costume.  She was a strawberry.

My wife and daughter actually only went to five houses, so she did just fine.  Here's the rundown:

  • 2 Snickers (only one in the picture because I ate the other)
  • 1 Plain M&M
  • 1 Peanut M&M (You don't see it in the picture because I ate it)
  • 1 Blow Pop
  • 3 Smarties
  • 1 Fortune cookie (that's different)
  • 1 toy skateboard (awesome)
  • Temporary Tattoos

That's pretty good for the first time out, but I was still hoping for at least a Kit Kat or a peanut butter cup.

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