It happened again.  We had a bat in our house for the second time in a month.

You might recall that a bat was flying around my living room on November 1st of this year.  That night, I was able to capture the thing and get it out of the house.  This time, that wasn't happening.

On Monday night, I had a long day here at the station and didn't get home until late.  We had just sat down for dinner when a bat started to fly around the living room.  Because of the incident on the 1st, we knew that we could call our exterminator, Billy the Bat Guy, so we promptly jumped up from the kitchen table and went on to the front porch, in the rain.  Thankfully, I grabbed my cell phone before I left the table and called Billy.  No answer.  I called again, no answer.  One more time, got the voicemail and left a message that I'm sure made him laugh.  Right when the BEEP sounded, the bat made a dash for the open door that I was in front of.  I saw his HUGE wings and he opened his mouth as if he was coming at me to bit me.  The voicemail message started with a bad word that starts with S and ends with H. I. T!!!

I finally go a hold of Billy and he was able to come over to the house and go through every inch of our living room, as it had calmed down and landed somewhere we couldn't see, but we knew it was still there.

The bat had been hanging out on the bindings of two books on my bookshelf.  I couldn't watch or enter the room, but I heard that Billy grabbed the thing and took it outside.  After that, he came back in and sealed up a couple places that could have been their way in.

I know that bats eat mosquitos, so I'll continue to try and keep them healthy and alive, just not in my living room.

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