According to a story in the Union Leader, a man was recently arrested after allegedly trying to break in to a home in Merrimack.  The story also says that he was decked out in a black wig, full makeup, devil horns and fish-net stockings.

Eric Mann, who is 31 years old, has been charged with criminal trespassing and resisting arrest and is scheduled to be arraigned Oct. 29, the report says.

I'm not defending this guys actions,  HOWEVER, there are a few things at play here:  It's almost Halloween, so he was probably dressed up for a party.  If the party was on a MONDAY night, it was probably a restaurant staff party.  They can't go out on Fridays or Saturdays because they are working, so Monday isn't a weird night to go out.  I'd bet on it.

The other thing is that, the story says that he was banging on the windows and doors to let him in.  He probably was drunk and thought he lived there.  Again, not defending him, I'm sure the people in the house were afraid, but a guy walking around in fish-nets, make up and devil horns probably just wanted to come in, take a nap and a shower..

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