On National Weatherperson's Day, I'd like to recognize the man who remained composed on air while I was sure that Gonic NH was facing an apocalypse.

VIA Maine.gov
VIA Maine.gov

It seemed like it happened just a couple years ago but almost 8 years have passed.

Anyone who lived through it has their own story to tell and here's mine.

I was watching TV with my cousin who lives just off Route 125 and I swear I heard an ungodly crash/explosion out on the highway, followed by at least 10 seconds of strong reverberations. It felt like the entire house was shimmying at least two inches. After just a few seconds the entire sensation happened again but with less intensity.

We surfed the local channels hoping to get an update and thanks to NECN's Matt Noyes, we didn't have to wait long.

He either minored in Geology or paid way more attention in his college class than I did because his nearly instant coverage of this seismic event was similar to that of an expert.

I quickly went from thinking that the world was ending to a calm sense of understanding that while this was an intense earthquake for northern New England, it wasn't nearly at the level where any damage could have occurred.

Therefore, on this National Weatherperson's Day,  I salute Matt Noyes! Hero of the 2012 Earthquake!

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