On today's episode of Tom Caron 'Patriots Insider', he tells us why The Pats should fear Baltimore AND hilariously equates The Shark Psychic Greaseboard to a rodent.


If you listen closely to the full analysis provided, it seems that Mr. Caron is leaning towards an Indianapolis upset of Houston in the first playoff game of this weekend.

That would not only explain his focus on Baltimore, (If Indy and Baltimore both win, Baltimore will face The Pats on January 13th), but also his reluctance to accept the prediction of The Pats Psychic Greaseboard.

'You always see when they go to The Superbowl, you see they have like hamsters who pick one of the two teams or whatever, yeah, I'm going to give this as much credence as I do that.'- Tom Caron

It is obvious that, much like Sarah, this is TC's first encounter with 'TSPPG' and we can allow for a bit of skepticism. *creepy music plays*

I will say that the more I think about his playoff scenario, the more realistic it seems. AND I FEAR BALTIMORE TOO! *creepy music plays even louder*

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