This week, up is down, red is blue and the 'U Pick Em' segment is unlike anything we've ever tried before in the entire 15 season history of this feature! Check it out!

U Pick Em Crew

Picking Picks? Out of a Hat?

We're getting wild for Wildcard week! Completely random and improvisational selections of this weekend's schedule.

Team Sarah Picks: Los Angeles

Jacob from SIS Bank is banking on Philip Rivers to bounce back big against Baltimore. (Serious alliteration in the previous sentence.)

Despite being CRUSHED by their defense earlier this year, Jacob feels that a BOLD pick is the way to go.

Sarah thought that The Chargers were from Philadephia, so, this is a good indication that this pick is a winner!

Team Train Picks: Chicago

I think the real Philadelphia will show up in The Windy City on Sunday night and 'Da Bears' will handle them with ease. As Hugh from Eliot Small Engine says, the Nick Foles magic has run out. Thankfully, we are in agreement!

Believe it or not, Team Train only trails Team Sarah by TWO games with FOUR opportunities to gain ground!


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