NESN Red Sox Broadcaster Tom Caron usually delivers a very interesting, yet mild mannered Insider Report for The New Shark Morning Show every Friday. However, the controversial rain out in Baltimore had him ALL FIRED UP TODAY! Listen here!

And I thought I was upset about this cancellation? Then I put myself in Mr. Caron's shoes.

Go through all the prep work for a full one hour 'First Pitch' broadcast. Watch the Sox beat up on The Orioles for 2 innings and rack up 5 runs all with majestic dramatic homers, THEN sit through nearly 3 hours of rain delay, THEN have the game completely stricken from the record.

I didn't even factor in wardrobe and make up which is completely unknown territory for me, an unseen radio lifer.

Infuriating to say the least!

If you'd like a cure for insomnia take a look at the actual verbiage from the rule book that Tom Caron is quoting from.

Thanks to Tom for this fiery Insider Report! We'd also like to thank Service Credit Union for making it happen!

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