Wow TC! Tell us what you really think! Our Sports Insider goes off on The NHL's ridiculous replay system that completely hosed the Bruins in Montreal.

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Train Images

I won't jettison the rest of this segment here by going on a rant on instant replay but...


It's insane in hockey right now!


They score the goal and they go back like FORTY SECONDS earlier to see if it was offsides and it took them THREE MINUTES to decide.


If you can't see it in THREE MINUTES going frame by frame, then STOP.


It's not what the spirit of the rule, it's not the intent of the rule it's ruining the game for fans at the arena and on television.  - An Enraged Tom Caron

We, of course, poke fun at how fired up TC is here but he makes a great point and hopefully this foolish replay rule will be changed sooner than later.

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