Though our Sports Insider Tom Caron has never partaken in a Buffalo Bills tailgate party, he has seen evidence as to why they are so infamous and depraved.

A long time ago, a friend of mine got married in Orchard Park on a Saturday and we drove by the stadium on a Saturday night and the gates were already open.


In Foxboro they open the gates four hours before, in Buffalo they open the gates a DAY BEFORE.


People park in RV's from all over upstate New York and sleep over in the parking lot. 11pm the night before and the place is ROCKING. - Tom Caron

It's a tailgate tradition in Buffalo to body slam your friend, or, in some cases, yourself, through a six foot plastic table. Some Bills fans have done this after lighting the table on fire with lighter fluid.

This is by far the most wholesome Buffalo tradition that I can mention on the blog without getting complaints of indecency.

This behavior all makes sense though now that TC has framed the scenario as these people have been 'celebrating' for DAYS and there is really not much else to do there.

Thanks TC!


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