Our Boston Sports Insider had the FIRST exclusive interview with Red Sox Manager Alex Cora in which he revealed that this job will be his last chance to manage in MLB.

Philadelphia Phillies v Boston Red Sox
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He didn't blame others, he admitted that he did all those things.


I love when he said "If I fail at this now, I'm out of baseball for good."


So he knows the pressure is on, you get a second chance but you don't get a third chance.


He's the guy that will get Devers, Bogaerts, Martinez and Vazquez going in the right direction.


I think he's the right guy to start the turnaround.


- Tom Caron on His Exclusive Interview With Sox Manager Alex Cora

There is an element of Cora's reinstatement that just feels like the stars and the planets are in perfect alignment again. The last game that he managed was in 2019 when the Red Sox actually won more games than they lost which seems like decades ago.

And hopefully, the sixty game disaster that was the 2020 Red Sox season will feel like it's a distant memory once things get going again next season.

Poor TC, he conducts THE New England Sports interview that everyone in the northeast was talking about all week and yet, Sarah bluntly admits that she didn't watch one second of it.

I'm giggling as I'm writing this because I think throughout all the trials and tribulations of his Friday morning segments with The Shark Morning Show, he truly enjoys the genuineness and hilarity.

And the same can be said for our Boston Sports Insider.

You don't become New England's Favorite Sports Personality 8 years running without being hilarious and genuine, right?

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