Since we have been having one of the worst years of our lives, it is wonderful to come across a "feel-good" story like this.

Stephanie Clark of Barrington, created a Facebook post on the (Un)Official City of Dover, NH page gave me such happiness and joy as a cat lover.  Stephanie has a beloved cat, Teddy Roosevelt, who just happens to be an all black cat.  (Appropriate for Friday the 13th!)  Teddy, as Stephanie calls him, is a rascal.  He got outside and ran up a tree, as cats will do from time to time.  I mean, he was waaaay up there!

Stephanie Clark

Stephanie, being a good cat Mom, called around to see if she could get help getting her cat out of the tree and got no where.  One place said they would come out, but they would charge her $1,000!

Then, she called Restoration Tree Service.  Jason said they would be right over to help and wouldn't charge anything!  Josh came over from the tree service, climbed up, put Teddy in a backpack, with his head poking out and climbed down the tree.  Stephanie was VERY grateful and did pay them some money.

When I was talking to Stephanie, she said:

He is much loved kitty we are so happy to have home although he keeps eyeballing the sliding door.

No, Teddy, no!  You can't go climb that tree!  :)  Would you just look at him?  He's so flippin' cute!

Stephanie Clark

You just don't get people doing these sort of things for free anymore.  I just love this story and plan to call Restoration Tree Service for some pruning that I need in my yard.  And I'll gladly pay them.


Teddy has a brother Boomer.  Boomer knows who's boss, by the look of things.  ("Okay, I'll shark my bone with you, Teddy....")

Stephanie Clark

Teddy has another pal, Ollie, who he tolerates.

Stephanie Clark


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