Our Boston Sports Insider just realized this 2020 Pats Season is exactly like it used to be back when Tony Eason played and dinosaurs still roamed the Earth.

Tony Eason rolls out under pressure
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I just realized this last night, I was writing some notes for a segment I do with Scott Zolak and I wrote down the words, "Trying to play spoiler and knock The Dolphins out of the playoffs" and I thought "Oh my God! This is once how we lived!"


The Patriots would never make the playoffs but you would just be hoping that they'd knock the Dolphins out of the postseason, and we'd get excited for that.


- Tom Caron, On how this season seems very retro for Pats fans

I must admit, as odd as it seems, I enjoy the highly unlikely playoff scenarios and combinations of losses that we need for The Pats to advance to a Wild Card game.

For me, that's all I remember about being a Patriots fan in my early teen years around Christmas time, memorizing teams with accompanying paragraphs of losses (or ties) and how New England could slip in to the last remaining playoff spot if this scenario played out.

I woke up this morning and saw that The Las Vegas Raiders were defeated in overtime by The LA Chargers and got that familiar rush of excitement knowing that one of the things that had to happen for The Pats, in fact, just happened!

There's probably just a good of a chance that this Sunday's game will be played in the old Orange Bowl (demolished in 2008) as the Pats have to make the playoffs, but I think it's fun to believe!

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