A very shaggy Tom Caron called in today with an inside look at a 2020 Major League Baseball season that would be unlike any other in the 117 years of the World Series era.

Twitter - VIA - @TomCaron
Twitter - VIA - @TomCaron

Major League Baseball and the Players Association agreed on a bunch of things for this season.

It really sounds like there will be a season probably starting until June and they would play until the end of October.

The playoffs then would be at a neutral site, The World Series would all be in San Diego, like 7 games in San Diego, where it's warm.

So you could play into November and we could have World Series games to watch at Thanksgiving. - Tom Caron

Are you kidding me? The Detroit Lions at Noon, THEN a World Series Game at 8:05pm AND I can watch it because I get to sleep in the next day?

If we can just keep fighting the good fight, sports fans like myself will have one heck of a feast. On Thanksgiving none the less!

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