The 2020 Major League Baseball Season will not look like anything we've ever seen in 125 years. Today, TC talked about the proposed 'dugouts' and it threw us for a loop.

I think there's a real chance, it will be at the Spring Training facilities there in Arizona.


My favorite part of that whole proposal is that the players don't sit in the dugout, the players will sit in the stands six feet apart.


Listen, I give baseball a lot of credit for thinking outside of the box and trying to come up with a way to get back sooner than later. I don't care if it's an empty stadium, I just need baseball. - Tom Caron on The Proposed Arizona MLB Quarantine League

As to when the season will get underway? If it happens, Mr. Caron thinks that the likelihood of a start in late June is far more likely than the Memorial Day scenario that was originally talked about.

As long as we see Red Sox Baseball at SOME point this year, I will be ecstatic!

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