I love it when we get a 'You heard it here first' type of declaration from our Red Sox Insider Tom Caron. I wasn't expecting this specific a prediction at all.

Detroit Tigers v Boston Red Sox
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I've been poking around trying to get quotes, they don't have anything yet.


Internal candidates, external candidates and laying it all out before they make a decision.


I would bet we would hear something late next week, but, we'll see.

- Tom Caron on New Sox Manager Selection Timetable

You can hear how shocked I was when he said this.

 Oh!? Oooh Ok. That's Very Interesting! - Train *audibly shocked*

All joking aside, I honestly thought that the Sox would wait until Spring Training to official announce Alex Cora's successor. Given that Truck Day isn't until February 3rd, I was sure it'd would be weeks away and not days.

Could you imagine if this gigantic announcement occurs BEFORE the next Boston Sports Insider Interview?

That would be yet another major sports exclusive that you can ONLY get right here on The Shark Morning Show with Sarah and A-Train.

Thanks TC!

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