Our Boston Sports Insider is from deep in the heart of Maine. HOWEVER, his choice as one of THE Best College Hockey Experiences in The Country? Is right down the road!

Wildcat Sculpture
Lisa Nugent


When this is over, catching a game up there at The Whitt?


When the crowd is there and they're into it? It's one of my favorite college hockey environments, it really is.


- Tom Caron on the greatness that is watching a UNH Hockey Game at The Whittemore Center

Since Tom Caron was born and brought up in Lewiston and has been a rabid hockey fan forever, I feel the need to misquote him and change his words to imply that watching UNH Hockey IS THE BEST COLLEGE HOCKEY EXPERIENCE IN THE USA.

Because after all, that's really what he means.

We got on the subject of the Mighty Wildcats because they will be featured on NESN Plus tonight, just in a matter of hours. Taking on The Providence Friars at 7pm.

I wanted to thank TC's co-workers at NESN for broadcasting a ton of College Hockey this year as I think this will be the fifth UNH Game I've been able to watch so far and the season still has a ways to go!


As far as having lunch with TC and him traversing back into Northern New England to break out his corporate credit card for a wonderful gourmet lunch at Stages here in Dover with Sarah and I?

I think that is VERY unlikely to happen in the near future but, we shall NOT give up on this quest!

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