Our Boston Sports Insider Tom Caron talked about how during one Red Sox season, he worked for over a month without a day off. But he gives extra credit to broadcaster Joe Buck who is on a current working marathon as well.

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Fox-TV's Lead Play By Play Broadcaster Joe Buck is in the middle of an 8 day stretch of ballgames that spans 4 cities and 5 long flights. If the World Series goes the distance, he will work 11 games in 12 days.

TC is familiar with a grueling stretch like that, in fact one year he tripled that time without a single off day. But, he is quick to point out one key reason why Buck's path is much tougher.

I think with make ups on rainouts I think we once went 33 days straight without a day off.


Again, I don't travel, I'm in the studio and Joe is flying all around the country and that must feel like forever.


And as my wife will point out, you don't want to be around me when I haven't had a day off in 33 days.


- Tom Caron on Marathon Stretches of Workdays

Apparently our lovable TC is much less lovable when he has worked for over a month straight. Who can blame him?

This is the 'easiest' stretch for Joe Buck as he will settle in to Arlington, Texas for the next 3 games of The World Series AND he'll actually have Monday off!

If the Series goes 7 games though? He'll have called 7 WS games and 4 Nationally televised NFL prime time matchups. Unreal!

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