This article does contain some spoilers, so if you're planning on watching it, you might want to read this at some other time.

This weekend, I binge-watched a new docu-series from Netflix, "Surviving Death."  If you know me, you might know that I am pretty obsessed with where we go after we die.  It started with my Father's death in 1976 and most recently, my Mother's death in 2016.

Where did they go?  I have always felt that they are very close to me and this series, "Surviving Death," further confirmed that.

I should say, I grew up Catholic, but I don't think that this has anything to do with religion.  This just is.

The first episode explores the story of people who have had near death experiences or NDE's.

One woman, Dr. Mary Neal, who had drowned in a kayaking accident in 1999 described her experience as beautiful and safe and she wanted to stay in that safe, beautiful place, however, she was told that it wasn't her time.

Dr. Neal was also told from the spirits that she would lose her oldest son, William, who was 10 years old at the time.  She had more reason to dispute her near death experience than anyone else.  If she was being told that her oldest boy was going to die, she above all, would want to know that this experience wasn't real.

10 years past after her accident, her son, Willie Neal, was hit by a car and killed in Northern Maine.  Willie was an accomplished skiier who had won many awards and no one saw this coming, except of course, for Dr. Neal.

In this TEDX talk, Dr. Neal talks about how she lives now after that experience.

Episodes 2 & 3 dealt with Mediums.  They are the people who are able to communicate with people who have died.  In this documentary, the mediums say how they are not here to convince anyone, they are just the messenger of what the dead want to tell the living.  I'll admit, the physical mediums they included freaked me out.  I watched it on Saturday night and couldn't get to sleep after it.

Signs from the Dead is the 4th episode.  You may have heard before that the dead will leave things for their loved ones after they've passed.  There is a story about a family who asked their Mother to send them a Cardinal after she had passed.  Not only did her Mother send the Cardinal, but it also allowed her family to hold it.  When they went to release the bird, it wouldn't go.

Seeing Dead People was episode #5.  Cue Bruce Willis and the kid that sees dead people.  Really interesting stuff about photographing people who have passed, but are still in the room.

Reincarnation is the final episode where they have kids who are recounting their past lives without knowing anything about the places or people that they speak of, yet some of it was proven.

I think about life after death all the time.  I think it makes me live a better life.  Every day, I wake up, greet the day and try to be joyous.  I know I have people watching over me and I know that I too, will go home one day.  As they said in the series, It's remarkably short-sighted to hang on to this notion that we can only believe in what we can see.

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