One thing that we really don't need to worry about here in New England is hurricanes, but in the South, it's quite different.

According to a report from WCVB, First responders from all over New England were getting ready today to head down to Virginia to help with any needs that will arise from Hurricane Florence.

In Beverly, at the Massachusetts Task Force One, it was a flurry of activity as trucks were loaded up with supplies after they got their orders to deploy from FEMA.

Many of the people who gathered today also got the call 17 years ago today to head to Ground Zero in New York City.

The report also cites Team Leader Thomas Gatzunis who said:

These are the days that all of us pray never happen. But when it does happen, every one of us wants to be the first out the door.


Spoken like a true First Responder.  They were there for us 17 years ago today and they are still here, answering the call.

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