According to, 20-year-old Elliot Ryan is a student at St. Michael’s College in Vermont. Like so many college students Elliot was sent home back in March because of the pandemic and was forced to complete his semester remotely. At that point Elliot decided to stay with his grandparents in North Kingston, Rhode Island.

Elliot and his 83-year-old grandpa have a special relationship. He approached his grandpa about a quarantine project he dreamed up. He wanted to build a roller coaster in his grandparents backyard. After getting his grandpa's blessing, Elliot purchased about $1,500 worth of lumber and nails and got to work, according to the article.

The roller coaster is now complete! The site states it is 100 feet long and runs on gravity. Elliot made sure the roller coaster was copacetic for grandpa from a safety standpoint before he let him take a test drive.

Grandpa said he is "a very young 83" but he admitted he didn't do any of the work. It was all his grandson!

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