'Tis the season for New England meteorologists to be on their A game, watching intently for patterns that promise snow to the region. It's been a quiet season so far, with temperatures mostly above normal. For most of New England, that has meant absolutely no snow. So when WBZ meteorologist Terry Eliasen saw a change in the jet stream that could bring snow to the area, he quickly shared the news for winter lovers.

Of course, there was just one small issue with the map Eliasen tweeted out. For weather geeks and mature individuals, it looks like nothing but information to process. For immature people (like everyone here behind the scenes), that map looked like something completely different to them. Unfortunately for Eliasen, the majority of responses to the news of a pattern change were met with juvenile responses. Even if the weather can be difficult to predict at times, hilarious responses like these are easy to see coming.

Whether the map design was intentional or not, Eliasen got a ton more responses we didn't feature here. Most of them are along the same juvenile lines as above. There's just something about an innocent weather map featuring a jet stream that immediately sends our minds to a different place.


The plot twist to all of this is that despite the jokes, the New England area is set to see a strong storm arrive over the weekend, where several parts of the region will see significant snow. And yes, there's probably another filthy joke in there somewhere.


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