In a new WalletHub study published this morning about the quality of life for women in this country, the Granite State received high marks in many important categories, and FIRST in MANY key indicators!

Source: WalletHub

New Hampshire Women are first in rate of unemployment, have the lowest percentage of poverty per capita AND the lowest incidences of homicide per 100,000 residents.

New Hampshire comes in Tenth Place overall, with many of the other New England states outperforming us.

Massachusetts gets the Silver Medal and Vermont is in Third Place overall. Maine is Sixth in the country and Connecticut is in Eight rounding out a very impressive showing for five out of six New England states. (Rhode Island is 21st but still above average!)

Minnesota took the gold medal for Women's life quality and Louisiana gets the shameful and dreaded LAST place finish of 51st as this study also includes the District of Columbia.

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