Speaking as a father...this is the scariest story I've heard in a long time. We all know the dangers of ticks. We all know that the ticks are really bad this year in New Hampshire and Maine. Hopefully we don't have something this terrifying happen.

WMUR is reporting a 5 year-old girl in Mississippi was paralyzed by a tick bite. Her mother noticed a few minutes after the little girl woke up. She had a hard time walking, but the mom thought it was because she had crawled out of bed. But as she brushed her daughter's hair, she noticed she could barely speak. That's when she noticed the tick.

After "tons of blood work," WMUR says the girl was diagnosed with tick paralysis, a rare disease that’s thought to be caused by the saliva in ticks. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tick paralysis can cause intense paralysis that starts in the lower body and works its way up. The CDC admits it can also be confused with other neurological disorders. Tick paralysis usually happens with a few days of being bitten, and usually occurs in children more than adults.

So what should you do if you find a tick on your body?

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