It's going to mean rolling out of bed early, but it will be worth it if the weather holds here in New England.  I know that that in itself is humorous to think about considering how things work with Mother Nature here, but we'll pretty much know what to expect weather-wise as this fabulous planet and moon-gazing moment approaches on June 24.

This month already, maybe you've noticed that when you look east into the night sky that you can see five planets lined up perfectly.  That is, if you're up just before dawn, which I'm not, but I plan to be on June 24.

Anyway, those planets are Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn in perfect alignment, all visible to the naked eye.  This hasn't happened since December of 2004.  That's 18 years.

exoplanets in space, planets from alien star system.
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Mercury looks the brightest and just gets brighter and brighter as we close in on June 24.  But what else is so special about June 24, you ask?  The waning crescent moon will, for the first time this month, line up with these planets sitting between Venus and Mars.

I just got the chills.  Whenever I stargaze, it's such a cozy yet miraculous moment staring into the vastness.  The wonderment and mesmerizing feels are all there.

Solar system planets diagram
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So precisely when should all of us be out of bed and looking up on Friday morning, June 24? 30 minutes before sunrise is perfect, which is at 5:04.

I will share with you that here in New England we may have a harder time seeing Mercury then the rest of the northern hemisphere, but overall we are in for quite the phenomenon.

I can't wait!

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