24/7 Wall St. just released a report showing the 12 states that smoke the most marijuana and wouldn't ya know it, New Hampshire is in the top 10.

24/7 Wall St. used data collected from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to determine which states toked the most reefer. This is how they came up with their top 12:

To identify the 12 states smoking the most marijuana, 24/7 Wall St. reviewed the percentage of people 12 years and over who reported smoking marijuana in the past year based on surveys conducted between 2013 and 2014 by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, also known as SAMHSA. A range of other drug use data, including total drug users, marijuana initiates over the past two years, use in the past month, and perceptions of risk among each state’s 12 years and older population, also came from SAMHSA. Maximum fines for possession were obtained from marijuana reform advocate NORML.

Here is your top 12 according to 24/7 Wall St.:

  1. Colorado – 21.6%
  2. Oregon – 19.9%
  3. Vermont – 19.8%
  4. Alaska – 19.5%
  5. Washington – 19.5%
  6. Maine – 19.4%
  7. Rhode Island – 18.7%
  8. Massachusetts – 17.6%
  9. New Hampshire – 17.1%
  10. New Mexico – 15.6%
  11. Michigan - 15.6%
  12. California - 14.9%

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, so no surprise they rank HIGH in the top 12.

The Granite State comes in at number 9! Here's what they say about weed smoking in New Hampshire:

Since New Hampshire’s governor signed off on House Bill 573 on July 23, 2013, state residents with several serious medical conditions, including Parkinson’s disease and muscular dystrophy, have been able to use marijuana legally. For those who do not qualify for medical use of the drug, possession can result in a year in jail, in tandem with or in lieu of a $2,000 fine.

Laws intended to dissuade marijuana use may not be entirely effective. More than 17% of New Hampshire residents age 12 and older have used the drug in the past year, one of the highest usage rates of any state in the country. Despite marijuana’s relative popularity in New Hampshire, it is the only New England state that has not decriminalized possession of the drug.

Well, there you have it, the New England states are well represented and New Hampshire, coming in at 9, is the only one where marijuana has not been decriminalized.

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