The pride of Claremont, New Hampshire continues to skate through the show, landing in the top 14.

It's one thing to stand on stage in front of American Idol judges, and it's another to take on an iconic song for the rest of the world to see. Claremont's Evelyn Cormier has been flying through rounds of American Idol, but she took on a timeless song WITH the person who made it famous. This is an entirely different level than auditioning with Wicked Game.

This week, Evelyn took on the classic with Chris Isaak. According to WMUR News 9, she said  “Early, early on in ‘American Idol,' they're, like, ‘List three people that you would want to have, like, a dream duet with,’ and Chris Isaak was my first pick,” she said. “This is my dream.”

Next week, you can help take another step to being the next American Idol, as voting will be open to the public.


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