This WMUR-TV NH Chronicle piece has my jaw on the floor as the modern 'Bobhouses' of today are nothing like the sad and square shacks that I remember.

Ice Shanty on a Frozen Lake

When I was a kid, the 'Bobhouse' was a place for only the eldest members of the family and was basically a small wooden enclosure with four walls that kept the wind chill from reaching below zero.

In was big enough for maybe three people tops and no more than two holes cut into the ice.

Any heat that was generated was because of long johns and a wool hat.

Now, these are equipped with any and all kinds of heating including electric and solar!

The 'Hanson Precision' insulated models with transparent roofs? Glorious. A zero degree day on the outside and 80 DEGREES inside?  Entirely from SOLAR HEAT? Without the fear of fire, electrocution or breathing in toxic fumes?

Yes, please!

Couches and digital screens, full kitchens, running water, bathrooms and the ability to comfortably sleep a half dozen anglers? All while fishing?

This is my kind of roughing it.

I suppose with the real estate trend of 'Tiny Homes', it would only make sense that the architectural elements of that movement would easily make the lateral move onto the frozen lake during weekends here in The Granite State.

But, from a personal standpoint, I know my attention span would get the best of me. I just know that during a nap, or while popping a bag of Jiffy Pop or while distracted by my favorite movie, the State Record Bass big would easily get away from me and I'd never be able to live it down.

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