For anyone that is a lifelong Lilac City resident, you KNOW that the July 4th Fireworks display ALWAYS happens on July 3rd, but what you may not know is this year's location. It's at a completely new place!


According to this report on Foster', the new location will be next to The Rochester Community Center.

After thinking about this for a minute, it makes some sense. Thousands of people could easily fit in the bleachers that surround Hugo Bolin Field which is directly adjacent to the grounds of The Community Center.

I'm a bit torn on the subject because while I root for The Rochester Fairgrounds to succeed and am thrilled that THE 4th Annual WORLD'S LARGEST YARD SALE will once again be there on Saturday, May 12th.

I also have good friends that operate The Community Center. I worked there for almost ten years and wish them the very best with the acquisition of this major festivity.

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