I suppose you can file this under the heading of 'No news, is good news.' After 15 months of twice weekly and then weekly source of NH information and communication, it appears there is no longer a need for it starting this week.

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Since New Hampshire reported it's first case of a COVID-19 infection back in March of 2020, I've always watched the weekly NH State press conference.

It was referred to as 'NH's Response To COVID-19' and featured Governor Chris Sununu, Dr. Beth Daly, Dr. Benjamin Chan and DHHS Commissioner Lori Shibinette.

Normally, the press release confirming the conference would always be emailed to the media on Thursday morning, and it would take place shortly after 3pm that day.

There was no such email sent today.

Last week's press conference was held on Tuesday (May 18th) due to scheduling conflicts and, at that time, the Governor did mention that next week's would return to the Thursday schedule.

In that short amount of time, however, the active cases of COVID-19 have since plummeted to 411 and have hovered around that number for the past couple days.

This is the lowest number of active cases since late September of last year.

Since New Hampshire is located in a region of the country where in excess of 70% of adults have at least had one dose of vaccine AND New Hampshire arguably has the highest percentage of people in their population to have been vaccinated, these statistics should only improve over the next few weeks.

I'm sure that there will be additional 'special editions' of 'Response' pressers at some point this summer, but it appears the weekly update variety is a thing of the past.

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