We have pretty much been rained upon every day for the last month, what a great time to mess with The OFFICIAL NH Drought Monitor!


Not even one tenth of one percent of The Granite State is 'Abnormally Dry' so I figured I'd go with an old classic, The Aquarium.

Taking a Goldfish Cracker from Pepperidge Farms as my inspiration, I placed this little guy in the general area of Merrimac County.

The plastic seaweed growing up from the Massachusetts border was just as easy to illustrate as it appears to be, but sometimes with true art, such as this, less is more.

For an unprecedented attempt to create something new, behold, the scuba diver. I'm pretty happy with the flipper like appearance of his feet, yet the silvery gray air tank leaves a lot to the imagination.

The waviness of his right arm does give the illusion of upward movement as he ascends towards Coos County.

I'm sure that in a couple months, as with the normal routine of Mother Nature, a few yellow spots will begin to appear throughout the state. When they do, you can be assured that I will mock them accordingly throughout the Summer of 2019.

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