Will tomorrow be the day when the almost constant pounding of rain FINALLY shows some dividends on our NH Drought Map?

Drought Dry Christmas

For those of you that follow the updates to this map with great anticipation, you know that the Christmas stocking shape above has even gotten worse over the past two weeks!

Stuffed Stocking

It looks like Santa has stuffed our counties of Strafford, Rockingham and Merrimac with nothing but more Extreme Drought.

I'm the furthest thing from a meteorological expert so this prediction may be way off, but I have to think that a wet Thanksgiving followed by a dark and drizzly Black Friday followed by a showery Saturday night followed by two plus inches of howling rain Monday into Tuesday will begin to show some significant changes in this map.

That almost microscopic portion of the 'Abnormally Dry' west just has to go away. If after tomorrow morning, The Granite State is still 100% affected by some sort of dryness? I'm going to start to question the validity of one of my favorite institutions.

How many mornings can I continue to mistakenly walk into the 3 inch puddle that is at the end of my driveway, then, squish and squash my way into work to check on this map and have it tell me that my shoes AREN'T soaked?

I realize that the map shows a drought compared to rainfall over long stretches of time but still. I've seen sunshine twice in the past month! There are ducks in my backyard! My sump pump motor can't hold out much longer.


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