All the training that firefighters go through comes down to this.

When a South End apartment building went up in flames, firefighters rushed to the rescue and saved a woman and two children that were trapped on an upper floor, according to WCVB.

Jason Pratt, a bystander caught the rescue on video and told the news station that “This woman steps out onto the balcony with her two kids, and the crowd just gasped.”

What followed was firefighters running up the ladder of one of the ladder trucks on the scene and rescuing the mother and her children, the news station reported.

Because of the swift action of firefighters and their outstanding professional training, no injuries were reported, according to WCVB, but sadly, eight people are now without homes.

It comes at a horrible time with the pandemic raging across the country.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.  The apartment building was a four-story structure located at 68 West Newtown Street, according to the news station.

I was feeling a bit sorry for myself, not being able to be with my kids this Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations looking uncertain.  This put things in perspective for me.  I am grateful for all I have and that my family is safe.  I have such respect for the firefighters that put their lives on the line every day for our safety.  What an incredible job they did rescuing that Mom and her two kids.



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