A new show on HGTV premiers tonight, at 9pm, "Farmhouse Fixer with Jonathan Knight."  Yes, that Jonathan Knight from New Kids on the Block, but he's not the one I'm most excited to see, no offense to the guy.

I first found out about the show from my cousin, Sarah Trombly-Brown.  (Yes, I have a cousin named Sarah.  It doesn't just happen in West Virginia....  She's named after me.  Not really, but we've said that since we were kids, so.... now it's the truth....)  Sarah is an absolute delight!  She has two beautiful children with her husband, Chris Brown.  Chris' company, Chris Brown Construction, did a lot of the work on this New Hampshire farmhouse to be featured tonight in the pilot episode!  How exciting is that?

I've tried to get more specific information, however, according to HGTV.com, tonight's episode will renovate a "New Hampshire farmhouse."  It doesn't say where in NH, however, I do know that my cousins live in Milford.  It doesn't mean that's where the farmhouse is though.  Chris and his crew go all over the place.


Now, we're not sure if Chris will be shown at all tonight, however, the family is all a tizzy with excitement.

Jonathan was born in Boston and was part of the incredible 80's pop sensation, New Kids on the Block.  Years after the band broke up, he moved to Essex, Massachusetts and started to work as a real estate developer.  He might still live in Essex.  It's a beautiful community and why not, right?   Jonathan says in an HGTV interview:

I love a good old farmhouse.  To me, being on a farm is a way of life. It’s the real deal. Old farmhouses are disappearing off the landscape, but these are American treasures that should be saved.

Keep your eyes peeled tonight at 9pm on HGTV for a tall drink o' water who looks like he's doing most of the work.  That's Madelyn and Olivia's Dad and my delightful cousin Sarah's husband, Chris Brown.

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