As I'm sure you've heard, NH has a drug problem and it's big.

WMUR recently reported news of a phone line to connect people with an opioid addiction to the help they need.  The phone is also set up to connect families with a loved one in crisis.  Many times, the addict will stay addicted because of the behavior of a co-dependent who is simply trying to help their loved one, but really, they are keeping them in addiction.

This topic really hits home for me and so many others.  I have had two people very close to me struggle with opioid addiction and one of them is not here any more to talk about it.  The weight of the world and his addiction got the best of him and he took his own life.

The funny, not funny, part is that people don't really want to talk about this.  We acknowledge there's a problem, but then don't do anything about it other than a casual, "isn't that a shame," when they hear of bad news.

If you know of someone who needs help or if it's you, have the courage to use the resources here.  Life is not supposed to be hard.  No one will judge you and if they do, that's on them.


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