I bet you thought when I wrote 'Our Neighbor' I was referring to Vermont. WRONG!

Source: WalletHub

It's Massachusetts!

WalletHub utilized five different categories as criteria in this study and The Granite State was near the pinnacle for 'Health & Safety' (2nd) 'Affordability' (3rd) and 'Socio-economics' also (3rd).

The Bay State surpassed us overall because they ranked in the Top Ten for ALL Five categories AND destroyed us by thirty places in the category of 'Family Fun'?!

With Funspot, Dover Bowl AND Hilltop Fun Center all within our borders, I think WalletHub definitely overlooked some really fun options. Santa's Village anyone? Hello? StoryLand?

Alright, I'll stop being bitter. I'll be happy with the bronze medal and hopefully the next study will take just one of these extremely fun family locations into account and we'll take the top spot as we rightly deserve!

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