Wow! I think I have found THE greatest soundtrack cure for insomnia and it sounds exactly like the springtime nights of my younger days. A chorus of Northern peepers!

The sweet cacophony of thousands of these funny little frogs could drown out a rusty muffler, back by the wetlands of my parents property in Gonic.

Although Wikipedia and many other sources claim that these 'Pseudacris crucifers' are NOT endangered in any way, the overwhelming sound of them at dusk has been replaced with 'hardly a peep'.

I'm not sure if that is because the highway has gotten that much noisier or because my hearing has gotten that much worse.

For anyone that hasn't been lucky enough to be serenaded to sleep by 'peepers', I challenge you to fire up this NINE HOUR YouTube video and let nature take it's course.

I would take a million screaming peepers over white noise and beach sounds any night of the week!

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