New Hampshire Expects More Motorists During the Summertime

If you are familiar with Route 4 that runs through New Hampshire, you know that it is a twisty road.  Traffic is usually heavy, and the road is mostly just one lane going each way.  It runs through the state from Lebanon to Portsmouth.

Part of Route 4 in Northwood is known as Antique Alley, so many cars are making stops along the way, sometimes abruptly.  Hey, I get it.  If a shop is calling your name, sometimes you can't help yourself.  If you don't have enough time to stop, you should keep going and find a place to turn around, not only for safety, but because the cops are going to be out in full force.

A Press Release From the Office of Highway Safety

The NH Office of Highway Safety announced that the police are going to ramp up visibility on all 107 miles of Route 4 in an effort to reduce the number of crashes.  According to the data on the press release, there were more than 32,000 crashes from 2018 to 2023 from the Concord area to the Seacoast.

New Hampshire Highway Safety Officers will be looking for dangerous driving behaviors like speeding, distracted drivers (put down the phone, bub), swerving, etc.  The goal is to save lives.

Route 4 in New Hampshire Can Be Dangerous

I just had to travel Route 4 from Dover, New Hampshire, to Concord last night, and I witnessed the increased police presence.  That's such a good thing on that stretch of road.  I can't tell you how many people speed, tailgate, or are distracted by their phones.  If I can see it, the trained eye of a police officer is definitely going to see it.

Have you ever seen a driver and wished a police officer was around?  Now they might be.

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