Vermin Supreme, the boot-headed political performance artist and perennial NH primary candidate, has won his case and will protest Tuesday at Hillary Clinton's Concord NH book signing.

Confirmed in the report above from Shark News Director Don Briand, Vermin Supreme will be at Gibson's Bookstore launching a protest during former Secretary of State Clinton's book signing at 1 pm.

He has been allotted ONE parking spot in which he plans to bring two ponies in an effort to bring awareness to his 'Free Pony' centered economic plan entitled 'Ponynomics'.

Mr. Supreme challenged the former secretary of state in the last NH democratic primary, receiving over 200 votes and placing fourth.

Despite his wild fashion choices and bizarre antics, I have found Vermin to be a great quote and very polite and respectful of those around him.

Hopefully, his ponies will have enough room in that one parking spot and a great time is had by all!

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