I'm telling you, there's a reason why so many NH Seacoast towns Trick or Treat TONIGHT instead of on Halloween. Just look at the map!

Google Maps
Google Maps

Ok, so I'm no Picasso and I'm definitely not a cartographer (as somehow Portsmouth "a 10/31 city" still finds its way into this ghoulish rendition). But seriously! It's just too skull-like to deny!

Did the town elders of long ago create this skull shaped border on purpose?

It took me over thirty years to unravel the mystery of random (or seemingly random) locations of 'Night Before' towns.

I was always jealous of the kids that lived in 'night before' towns that bordered 'Halloween' towns, load up TWICE in 24 hours with little effort in the commute.

And for those of you that think it looks more like a light bulb, that's no fun. Please let me have this NH Halloween discovery. No matter how inaccurate and irrational it may be.

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