It's almost here and at 10:35pm tonight, New Hampshire's skies should be clear enough to see it in all it's glory! Just what am I talking about?

Pink Supermoon Explained

The above video is from Lowell Observatory (they're located in Arizona not somewhere near the Quinn-Holmes Bridge) and it contains absolutely everything you could possibly need to know about tonight's Pink Supermoon.

The most important thing is that if you think it will look like a pink crystal ball, you will be sorely disappointed. The moon shines a reddish color only when the atmosphere is hazy and therefore much warmer than tonight's 41 degree climate.

It's a 'Pink' moon because that is the Native American name for this month, it comes from the tiny pink blossoms that are found on the 'moss pink flower' in April.

The Supermoon is named as such because it will be as close as possible to the earth when it is full. And that happens at 10:35pm tonight!

Remember, when you're howling and running around on all fours tonight throughout the moonlit countryside, make sure you are 6-8 feet away from your fellow lycanthrope!

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