After being loudly informed by a 'private contractor' that walking alongside railroad tracks is not only 'stupid' and 'crazy', but also illegal, I heard back via e-mail from the company that owns the track itself.

Train Images
Train Images

The person who spoke to you is correct. We discourage any activity, whether being on the tracks or in the railroad right of way, as this can present a dangerous situation for the railroad or to the individual that is trespassing.


Please stay safe and avoid any activity on railroad property at all times. - Ops Manager -NHN

After my initial encounter with the 'private contractor', it was refreshing to get a civil and polite response and I appreciate the prompt reply.

My walks and trash pickup will now take place in far less dangerous locations. And maybe this 'life lesson' will prevent someone else from getting a fine or far much worse.

I promise that I will be 'The Train' in nickname only and stay far away from any railroad tracks.

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