Fire up your roof rakes Granite Staters! According to this WMUR report, the oncoming soaking rain of the Christmas Holiday could crush your flat roofed structures.

Confession time. I have difficulty operating a roof rake.

I have destroyed two of them and both of them were borrowed from two separate  unsuspecting kind souls.

My preferred method of winter roof cleaning is much more dangerous and ten times as rigorous. I actually climb out my second story bedroom window, shovel in hand, and hack away at the heavy snow while trying to keep upright.

It is a counter intuitive practice. If you think a couple of feet of snow could crush your roof at any minute, the last thing you need is an additional 300 pounds of clumsily plodding human being stressing out the rafters as well.

It's ironic that whenever I did this, I always kept myself situated 6 feet away from the edge. A little social roof distancing years before that term was invented! My theory is that if I did slip and fall, I would do so with plenty of room to keep from from tumbling the extra 14 feet down to the frozen ground below.

For years now, I've been asking J Carnes dozens of questions for Ask The Roofer© but it never occurred to me to ask about the rare times I've shoveled snow off the roof. That'll have to be the next episode!

As a final warning, roof shoveling is dangerous enough, make sure you don't have a hefty slice of your Aunt Millie's 180 proof rum soaked fruitcake before you venture up there. Having these storms hit on the Holidays will make this even more dangerous than usual.


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