You may recall earlier this week, WGME reported that Nicolas R. Mitchell, 38, of Dover was arrested for putting razor blades in to pizza dough from Portland Pie Company on October 6, 2020.  At that point, Hannaford removed the product from their store shelves.

Now, according to a story from, two more supermarkets, Shaws and Star Market are removing the Portland Pie Co. pizza dough from all stores in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Rhode Island.

The guy who was arrested is a former employee of "It'll be Pizza Company" which makes the dough for Portland Pie.

Couple of things here for me:

1.  Why would this guy do something like this?  That's a question that always comes to mind when I hear of things like this and they never get answered.  UG!

2.  Who knew that Portland Pie Company has their dough made for them?  I kinda thought there was some sort of Grandmotherly type person in the back of each restaurant pumpin' out that delicious dough.  I guess that's how all restaurants do it though.  I know several restaurant owners who say it's just easier and cheaper to buy the dough from a distributor rather than make it yourself.  Having said that, they're the Portland Pie Company!  If anyone's going to make the dough from scratch, it should be them, amirite?

Maybe I've just stumbled across a new venture!!!  Making pizza dough and selling it to restaurants!  Brilliant idea!  Now I just have to find a good recipe...

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