Both Shark Intern Josh and myself took photos of beautiful NH waterfalls on our recent Summer vacations. Which one of these pics will 'rain' supreme? Dear Reader, it's all up to you!

Train Images

A-Train's Photo: Pollard Mills Falls; Sugar River, Newport, NH

Cascading cool water, brilliant warm sunshine, all framed in one simple breathtaking shot of this hidden NH gem. Do I even need to post Josh's picture? It's obvious that this photo has no equal.

Josh Sazin Photo Credit

Shark Intern Josh's Photo: Rocky Gorge Scenic Area; Swift River, Albany NH

There are rocks and there is water that appears to be falling rapidly. A cliche attempt of scenic photography if I've ever seen it.

Please vote for your favorite NH waterfall photo by using our comment function. I'm sure I'll win, but it's always nice to see the beat down translated into actual statistics. Thanks!