Due to the overgrowth of trees, a portion of our NH weather radar data has been compromised for quite some time. And fixing it will not be easy.

YouTube - wlbz promo Official Channel
YouTube - wlbz promo Official Channel

Don't worry, Comedian Bob Marley isn't the one to blame over this meteorological inaccuracy, but he is pointing to the area that has been affected by overgrown trees.

I've driven by the Doppler Radar Tower in Gray, Maine on my way to Oxford several times and never realized that the gigantic Epcot Center-esque green ball is what gives us the green precipitation readings on the weather reports.

According to this News Center Maine WCSH piece, the trees in the background are causing interference and something needs to be done sooner than later.

Since the radar tower is on private property, clear cutting the area is out of the question.

Believe it or not (and quite ironically) the vicious ice storm of 1998 actually helped the tower maintain a clear line of vision because of the unprecedented damage that the thick ice inflicted upon the forest that January.

The solution to this isn't going to be easy or low budget either. The only way to eliminate the interference by the trees is to raise the tower FIFTY feet.

This process will cause a shutdown of radar service from this tower for at least 6 weeks.

The other towers in Caribou, Maine and Boston will have to be used during the downtime.

When I watch the weather updates tonight, I'm going to really focus on how today's rain clouds fade out as they draw closer to the NH Seacoast, knowing all the while that a bunch of oak trees in Gray are messing everything up!

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