Well, I thought there would be zero debate on this one, but I was wrong.  (not the first time, Sully.)

According to an article in USA Today, a petition was circulated not long ago to try and change the date of Halloween to the last Saturday in October.  That idea went no where.  No one wanted change it.  Halloween is on October 31 and that's that.  SO, the same group opted to try and make the last Saturday in October "National Trick or Trick Night."  I thought this was a no brainer!  Who WOULDN'T want this?  As a Mom, I remember having to come home, get dinner, grab the costume and try and get out the door.  On a weeknight, that's a lot, so to make it on a Saturday, made perfect sense to me.

We took a poll of Shark Nation and here are a few responses:

  • I don’t have kids and nobody goes trick or treating door to door anymore these days. For those parents with children who they bring trick o treating they should bring it up at their town meetings to pick a day in their own town. Halloween has always been on October 31 just leave it alone......
  • As a working single mom, that would be so much better than the rush. Get home from work.. Cook and rush to get them ready and out the door
  • I like the Saturday before (or after). Because we trick or treat with my sister in her neighborhood. Its 2 hrs away from my house.  By the time we get there, after picking them up from school, we missed all the pizza.
  • Just keep it on Oct 31st. That is Halloween, after all.
  • Halloween is Oct 31. Nothing confusing about that.
  • Halloween is the 31st... Only one of them a year!!  Where's the confusion??
  • How about keeping Halloween ON Halloween...done...confusion solved.
  • Maybe its time to do away with neighborhood trick or treating?

Just keep trick or treating on Halloween, October 31st, was the most popular response.  Also, I'm not sure the one who said, "Maybe its time to do away with neighborhood trick or treating" is ever going to get that to happen, but hey, stranger things have.


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